Southern Cross Travel Insurance Review

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Southern Cross Travel Insurance is an insurance specialist in Australia as well as New Zealand. With over 25 years of experience in the field, the agency excels in providing a variety of insurance products. Southern Cross Insurance is a web based company and can arrange travel insurance policies online or over the phone. Coverage is available for families and individuals up to 80 years of age.

Overseas Coverage

For overseas travelers, the insurance company offers coverage worldwide. Whether you’re an occasional traveler, always on the go, or planning to take a job abroad, Southern Cross Insurance has the right coverage you. With TravelCare, holiday travelers can enjoy their hard earned rest and relaxation while knowing that someone will be there should things go wrong. Holiday travel is simply not a smart decision without insurance; especially since coverage can be acquired very inexpensively through one of New Zealand’s most recognized and reliable insurance agencies.

If you’re a frequent traveler, the agency will provide you with a cost-effective policy that will alleviate the inconvenience of having to take out travel insurance for each of your individual trips. The company offers a plan by which you’re covered regardless of frequency of travel for up to 90 days per trip.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance also provides coverage if you’re going to take employment overseas. Your policy can be tailored to meet your unique circumstances and budget. Unlike with most travel insurance companies, coverage can be obtained whether you’re still in New Zealand or already abroad.

Worldwide Assistance

Whatever your destination or where you are in the world, Southern Cross offers worldwide assistance. In the event that you take ill or have an accident, the agency will assist you in finding English speaking practitioners, co-ordinate emergency medical evacuation, alert and update your immediate family of your situation, and handle payment guarantees with regards to clinics or hospitals. You will also get help with claims, replace a lost passport, as well as be kept informed about trouble spots and travel safety.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance Australia

Southern Cross Travel Insurance entered the Australian market in April 2009, and has since offered the same coverage and benefits for Australian residents as well with its online based model. The agency has found great success in the country and has topped an international travel insurance survey for its excellence in providing value.

Save 35% When Buying Online

While insurance policies can be arranged online or over the phone, buying online will qualify you for a 35% discount. Not too shabby considering that the agency’s insurance premiums are already some of the most inexpensive in both New Zealand and Australia.

Room for Improvement

Of course, no insurance agency is perfect. A Southern Cross Travel Insurance review has indicated that the agency’s email support can be at times very slow. Customers had to wait for up to a couple of days before getting a response. This is an area where the company needs to substantially improve.

All in all, Southern Cross Travel Insurance is a world class insurance provider that has proven its worth to many New Zealanders and Australians when it comes to travel coverage.

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